Video Workouts


These workouts can be performed by all 6th, 7th and 8th grade wrestlers. There isn’t any risk of injury to the growth plates with these workouts with the proper weights and proper techniques that are demonstrated. The only potential risk exists when extremely heavy weights are used with poor technique.

These exercises are to be performed one right after the other with very little, if any rest, in between. There should be a high intensity to the workout so that you also get a cardiovascular benefit to this workout.

The exercises alternate different body parts so that they can be performed one right after the other. There should be either no rest or a maximum of 20 second rest in between sets and 2 minutes in between cycles.

You should perform 10-12 repetitions of each exercise with the last two repetitions being difficult but you should not have to sacrifice your technique to finish the set. A set is a full completion of 10-12 repetitions.

You can substitute in universal machines or other exercise equipment if that equipment is available.

You should complete 2-3 full cycles of the workout. Completing 10-12 repetitions of every exercise is a cycle.

If you have any injuries or limitations, please modify the workout accordingly or seek advice of your coach or trainer.

Exercises that aren’t included in this workout but can be substituted due to lack of equipment or personal preference are: 1) Box/Bench Jumps for Lunges; 2) Windmills for Shoulder Raises; 3) Air squats with no weights instead of squats with bar or dumbbells, but increase reps to 20-25.

The sample workouts outlined below are designed so that Sample Workout #1 (chest, triceps, legs) is done on Mondays & Thursdays. Sample Workout #2 (back, shoulders, biceps) is done on Tuesdays & Fridays. Wednesday is a rest day or a day for strictly cardio workout (running, biking, etc). If you are just beginning or have time constraints, you may want to do Sample Workout #1 on Tuesdays and Sample Workout #2 on Thursdays, and fill in the other days with cardio and exercises that you need to work on.




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