Initiated 10/2015

I. Name

The South Jersey Middle School Wrestling League (SJMSWL)

II. Vision

The goal of the SJMSWL is to promote the sport of interscholastic wrestling at the middle school level by providing a safe, fun, and competitive environment where wrestlers learn and master the fundamentals of scholastic wrestling. The members support student development athletically by facilitating leadership, sportsmanship, and fellowship within the league and ensure that the wrestlers gain the experiences necessary to prepare them for wrestling at the high school level and beyond.

III.   Influence of the SJMSWL

  1. To create and enforce the rules and regulations that govern SJMSWL
  2. To solicit contributions as necessary for the conduct of the league season, wrestling              tournament, and all star match(es).
  3. To make necessary disbursements of the funds for the operation of the league.
  4. To see that all interested youth have an opportunity to safely participate in the league.
  5. To own all property necessary to meet the objectives of the league.
  6. To ensure that league priorities are aligned with the collective vision of the league and its members.

IV.   League Membership

  1. Team membership shall be accepted for wrestling in the SJMSWL as needed on a team by team basis.
  2. Each new team will serve a one (1) year probationary period for their initial season they participate within the league.  During this time teams will be expected to adhere to all   league rules, policies and expectations.  Coaches will be expected to attend league    related meetings and provide the league with feedback in regards to how their season     went at its conclusion.
  3. Any team that that meets the requirements as prescribed by the SJMSWL may become a member upon approval (¾ board majority vote).

V.  Governing Body (Board)

  1. President – Steve Kline
  2. Treasurer – Shawn O’Mara
  3. Secretary – Joshua Hare
  4. General board member – Jon Skvir
  5. General board member – Rick Little
  6. General board member – Josh Zagorski
  7. General board member – Chuck Schwartz

VI.  Board Member Duties and Terms of Office

A. President:

  1. Will serve a three (3) year term.
  2. Will serve as the chief administrative officer and head of the SJMSWL.
  3. Represents the SJMSWL at all events requiring league participation.
  4. Will be the presiding officer at all the regular season meetings, board meetings, and any meeting related to league business unless he appoints a board member to act in his place.
  5. Will make decisions and respond on behalf of the board and members on a case by case basis when appropriate.
  6. Fill any board position by appointment.
  7. Will make final voting decisions in the event of a tie.
  8. Must have served previously as a board member.

B.  Treasurer

  1. Responsible for maintaining the league’s financial records in an order consistent with standard accounting practices.
  2. Responsible for the collecting of the league’s dues, fines or fees and any revenues associated with the SJMSWL.
  3. Responsible for the disbursement of funds for any of the league’s debts or bills incurred during the league’s season.
  4. Shall provide a complete financial report of the league’s income and expenditures at the regular meetings during the league’s season.
  5. Have a copy of the bank statement be mailed to the president of the league during the off season of each year.
  6. Must have served as a coach within the league for a minimum of two (2) years.

C.  Secretary

  1. Is responsible for recording of the minutes of all board meetings.
  2. Is responsible for the recording of the minutes at all regular meetings during the league’s season and then providing a copy of the minutes to every member club/team.
  3. Must have served as a coach within the league for a minimum of two (2) years.
  4. Will assist other board officers in whatever capacity is required.

D.  General board member

  1. Is responsible to attend and participate in all league board meetings and general league meetings.
  2. Will assist other board officers in whatever capacity is required.
  3. Must have served as a coach within the league for a minimum of two (2) years.

VII. Board Policies and Procedures

A.  The board should consist of an odd number of members to avoid voting stalemates.

B.  The ideal format is six (6) members and a President.

C.  Board Vacancies:

  1. Upon a vacancy of the President position, existing board members will elect a new president from within the existing board.
  2. Upon a board member vacancy any head coach with a minimum of two (2) years of league experience should submit their name to the board to be considered for the vacancy.  The board will then vote on the candidates to fill the vacancy and the head coach with the most votes will be nominated.

VIII.   League Voting

A.  Board Voting

  1. The board will identify league issues that require possible changes.

2.  Upon discussion of proposals to make changes a vote will take place on the whether to         carry out the motion.

3.  Proposals that receive the majority vote of the board will be acted on.

B.   League voting (in person or through electronic means)

  1.  Items will be opened up to a league vote as determined by the board.
  2. There shall only be one vote per team which will be cast through the head coach. If voting is done in person and the head coach is not in attendance a representative of the team may cast a vote instead.  Teams without representation at meetings will lose their right to vote for votes taken at league meetings.
  3. In electronic voting, votes not cast by the voting deadline will not be counted.
  4. For a motion to pass it will require a 60% of the majority league vote.

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