League Updates

2016-2017 League Updates 

The Season’s Official Start
The season’s official start is 11/14/2016. ABSOLUTELY NO contact practices are permitted prior to this date. Meetings, film lectures, etc. are permitted.

It is the League’s focus to adhere to the same rules as stated in the NFHS Wrestling Rulebook. Some exceptions are: the length of matches, which will be 1-2-2; and any hydration testing which we do not abide by.

No fifth graders may wrestle in the league or in the league tournament. The exception at this time is for Berlin Middle School.

A student who turned 15 before the start of the season MAY wrestle. This rule was changed to include those students who have been denied in the past due to their age.

League Notes

The league format will remain in 4 divisions based primarily on geography.

Referee charges this year for the matches will be $83.00. Additionally, the referee shall be paid $1 per match for any match past 25 total matches.

Wrestling Rule Changes for 2016-2017

See under Wrestling Resources tab

League Weight Classes
Per majority league vote, the 15 weight classes in this league are as follows:

80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 106, 112, 118, 124, 134, 146, 159, 174, 189, 275.

The weight classes after the 2 pound allowance are as follows:
82, 87, 92, 97, 102, 108, 114, 120, 126, 136, 148, 161, 176, 191, 277.

Arbiter Match Referee Scheduler

Email our Assignor Jim Brennan at Brennan@turtle.com so that he can add you to this website and get you logged on

Once logged on you can view all of the scheduled referees for your matches

Please note that the referee assigned to your match is required to contact you at least a few hours prior to the match to confirm.

Match Weight Starts / Random Draw
Match order will be drawn by the coaches before each match. No longer is it optional per the coaches’ discretion.

Can be started at a certain weight if a wrestler has to leave early (if both coaches agree).

Playoffs also are mandatory random draw.

Coaches are encouraged to begin the Match with JV to encourage more participation and unity

To Wrestle in a Specific Weight Class
No wrestler may wrestle up more than one weight class from the weight class he actually weighs in for. The wrestler by rule will need to weigh at least once ounce more than the next lowest weight class. FOR EXAMPLE:  If a wrestlers weighs 80.3lbs. he/she is ineligible for the 80 lb. weight class and therefore would be weighing in for the 85 lb. class. That same wrestler may wrestle in the 90lb. weight class as it becomes one higher weight class than he/she is weighing in for (85).

New for this season it has been unanimously agreed that a wrestler is eligible for a weight class if he makes the per pound (scratch) weight and wrestled 1 match at that weight at any point in time during the season.  This applies for tournament weight classification.  FOR EXAMPLE:  If wrestler A makes weight and wrestles at 80 lbs. only one time during the season and wrestles the rest of his matches at 85 lbs. he is still eligible to wrestle at 82 pounds for the Tournament

One Pound Allowance Consideration
It is the back-to-back match coach’s responsibility to notify the opposing coach at least one day prior to the match. This rule applies to back-to-back matches, matches after holidays, and matches after a snow or weather emergency day. In the event of two such weather emergency days, it is up to the coaches if they want to allow two pounds at weigh-ins.

Two Pound Allowance
There will be a 2 lb. allowance for the duration of the season beginning on Jan. 10th, 2017

Weigh-ins must be conducted shoulder to shoulder with each participant stripped to his underwear (socks are optional) so that possible skin infections may be detected; no pre- weigh-ins by the official.

Coaches must review for skin infections of all types.

Exact weights will be recorded on a standardized form distributed by the league. All forms should be brought to the seeding meeting. Should someone question a wrestler’s qualification for a weight class, these forms must be produced or the wrestler will not be eligible.

Digital scales are recommended.

Dual Meet Tiebreaker
1st criteria = Unsportsmanlike points
2nd criteria= Most wins
3rd criteria = Most falls (6 pts)
4th criteria = Most tech falls
5th criteria = Most major decisions
6th criteria = Most 1st takedowns

Rescheduling Matches
It is the responsibility of the coaches to reschedule matches postponed due to weather or any other reason.

*Please contact Steve Kline at Skline@gloucestertownshipschools.org as well as Jim Brennan at Brennan@turtle.com with the dates of your re-scheduled matches so that both the website and referee can be updated for that match.

Team Forfeit
If a match cannot be wrestled because of the fault of one school, it should be rescheduled as soon as possible.

If the results have a bearing to the playoffs and cannot be wrestled before the first round of the playoffs, then a forfeit will be granted to the non-offending member of the league.

Playoff Format
We will be going to a new 8-team format.  The division champions will be seeded 1-4; all other teams will be seeded 5-8, according to record.

The top bracket will be 8 vs. 1 and 5 vs. 4.  The bottom bracket will be 7 vs. 2 and 6 vs. 3.

When necessary, teams will be re-ceded to ensure best teams keep highest rankings throughout

Quarterfinals will be Tuesday 2/21/17 and have a 1-lb. allowance (93 lbs.).

The 2 winners from each bracket will be in the semifinals on Wednesday 2/22/17.  Same 1-lb. allowance.

The Finals and Consolation will be held on Thursday, 2/23/17 at the highest-seeded venue.  Same 1-lb. allowance.

Playoff Tiebreaker

In order to break a tie in the standings for the playoffs, head-to-head competition will be used.

If it is a three-way tie, the three-way will drop from the equation and competition against the fourth place team will be considered. If only two beat the fourth place team, then the third team drops out and head-to-head competition between each other will be used to judge the remaining two. This process will be used all the way down the standings. If no results ensue, then the criterion in the Federation rule book will be used. For example, the first criterion is bouts won. Each school should count the total matches won against the other two. Whoever has the most wins would advance. If that does not create a winner, then the next criterion would be used.

Tournament Information

  • League Tournament: Saturday, 2/18/17  at Moorestown High School
  • The tournament will continue to allow wrestlers to wrestle back to 5th place.
  • Medals will be awarded for 5th place in the tournament.
  • Finals will be held on two mats.
  • 1st place finishers will be given an All-Star Team packet for their convenience to assist with setting the right expectation about their involvement on the team. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to join in this discussion

All-Star Week

All-Star Practices – Week of 2/27/17.

All-Star Match – T.B.D.

1. Highest place finisher from SJMSWL Tournament to represent.
2. As League Member, all League tournament champions must participate in the All-Star match.
3. Participants to attend no less than 75% of All-Star match practices.
4. The wrestler must wear their school singlet in the All-Star match.

Practices and management of tournament week will be facilitated by Coach Josh Hare and League President Steve Kline.  Volunteers are welcomed to help out!

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