Sample Workout 1

Sample Workout 1 (Monday & Thursday)

Start with a 10-minute warmup (run, bike, rowing machine), then after completing 2-3 sets, finish with a 10-minute cool down.

Exercise Repetitions Body Part Worked
 *Bench press 10-12 reps chest, triceps
Squat with bar or dumbbells 10-12 reps quads, hamstrings
Push-ups 10-12 reps chest triceps
Leg lunges 10-12 reps per leg quads, hamstrings
Tricep Pulldown/Dips/Dips on Bench 10-12 reps triceps
Crunches (on floor or with stability ball) 25 reps abs
Burpees 10-12 reps chest, triceps, abs

*dumbbell press if spotter not present

Personal Training is available upon request from Brian Kline of FitMix Personal Training. He is a certified and fully insured personal trainer, and can design workout programs for all types of athletes. Brian is also a Boston Marathon qualifier, a former SJMSWL wrestler and the son of SJMSWL co-founder, Joe Kline. Please feel free to contact him at 609-744-6724 or, or visit

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